Canceling a contract
Department of Consumer Affairs - Consumer Transactions with Statutory Contract Cancellation Rights: Legal Guide K-6
This site explains the specific instances in which you are entitled to cancel a contract you have entered into.

Foreign language contracts
Department of Consumer Affairs - Foreign Language Translation of Consumer Contracts: Legal Guide K-4
This site explains your rights with regard to foreign language translation of consumer contracts.

Canceling a contract with a contractor
Department of Consumer Affairs - Contracting with a Contractor: The Homeowner's Rights to Cancel: Legal Guide K-10
This site explains your rights with regard to canceling a contract you have entered into with a home improvement or home repair contractor.

Auto Service Contracts
Federal Trade Commission - Facts for Consumer - Auto Service Contracts
This site helps consumers understand auto service contracts, their terms, how they work, what they cost, what they cover, who provides coverage, how claims are handled, how to complain, and more.