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Charity Check
Office of the Attorney General – Search the Files of the Registry of Charitable Trusts
This site allows you to check out charities, charity fundraising professionals, and raffle registrants before making a donation.

Another Charity Check
Better Business Bureau – For Charities and Donors Search
This Better Business Bureau site allows consumers to check out business a charities before making a donation.

Charitable donations
Federal Trade Commission – Facts for Consumers – Charitable Donations: Give or Take?
This site offers information about charitable donations, paid fundraisers, and direct mail solicitations and gives a charity checklist to help you donate wisely.

Public safety fundraising appeals
Federal Trade Commission – FTC Consumer Alert – Public Safety Fund-Raising Appeals: Make Your Donations Count
This site offers information about fundraising appeals on behalf of police, firefighters, and other public safety organizations.

Do not call registry
Federal Trade Commission – FTC Consumer Alert – Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry
This site allows consumers to join the Do Not Call Registry which prohibits telemarketers from calling. The site explains what the Do Not Call Registry is, how it works, what it means to you.

Junk Mail
DMA Choice
This site will allow you to limit the number of catalogs, solicitations and catalogs you get through the U.S. mail.